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In times of globalization and increasing international contacts, also amongst engineers, language as well as social skills are in demand, mostly by future employers, more than ever. A possible option to gain these skills is for instance a stay abroad. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering strongly reccommends a stay abroad and will support you with pleasure. Numerous students of the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Logistics already had the chance to improve their language conditions, to advance their studies through exam achievements or scientific works completed abroad, and mostly to gain valuable experiences. Apart from the classical studies abroad, there is a variety of possibilities to gather intercultural experiences. This menu range aims to inform you about your options at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

International Coordination

MB I | Room E04

E-Mail: int.mb@tu-dortmund.de

International Office

Team of the International Office

Emil-Figge-Straße 61

44227 Dortmund

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B.B.A. Frigga Göckede (in Elternzeit)
Koordinatorin Internationales / Fachberatung MMT / ERASMUS+