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Engineering Unit Ruhr

Using Synergies and Strengthening Competences

The Engineering Unit Ruhr (EUR) has established cooperation between the faculties of mechanical engineering at Dortmund University of Technology and Ruhr-Universität Bochum in the sense of one joint faculty. This voluntary cooperation of two strong coequal faculties has created a nationwide-leading center for research and education in the field of mechanical engineering in the Ruhr District. EUR uses resources of both universities, unites their strengths, allows for synergies and sets new standards in German academia.


Main Aims of EUR:

  • Nationwide and internationally manifest positioning in the increasing competition for excellence in research and education

  • Structural advancement of Germany's largest industrial region, the Ruhr District, by means of excellent research and education

  • Academic training of technically excellent and socially skilled engineering personalities with economic understanding

  • Increasing the Ruhr District's attractiveness as a location of education and research

  • Internationalization of study programs

  • Establishing a platform for transferring innovation and cutting-edge technologies to the industry

  • Deliberate strengthening of research cooperation especially with small and medium-sized businesses and further expansion of research cooperation with large-scale enterprises

  • Leading the way to integrate the Ruhr District universities


Facts and Figures:

Both faculties are selected academic cooperation partners of ThyssenKrupp and EUR is under its auspices. All in all, the Engineering Unit Ruhr encompasses 36 professors and 4,200 students who are involved in seven study programs:

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Environmental Technology and Resource Management

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Logistics

  • Sales Engineering and Product Management

  • Industrial Design and Manufacturing

  • Teaching Technical Sciences


The two universities have set complementary foci since the Dortmund Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has specialized in Logistics and Production Engineering whereas the Bochum Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is known for its expertise in Construktion, Materials as well as Energy and Process Engineering. Additionally, the examination regulations have been aligned and the partner faculty may participate in the other's appointment procedure. 400 research assistants are involved in EUR which participates in six DFG Collaborative Research Centers and cooperates with two associated Fraunhofer Institutes (Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund;  Safety, Energy and Environmental Technology in Oberhausen). The acquired third-party funds total 20 mio. € per year.


Further Information:

For further information please read our EUR Brochure



Prof. Dr. Ing. Horst Meier
Chair of Production Systems
Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Brümmer
Chair of Fluid Technology
Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, TU Dortmund

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