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Buddy for International Postgraduates

What are the responsibilities of a buddy?

Before the arrival:

  • Contact: exchange contact information, arrange a meeting point and time for the arrival of the student, answer first questions
  • Support with the search for accommodation
  • Support with the arrival if neccessary (e.g. pick up from main station, organize overnight accommodation, etc.)

After arrival:

  • Support with everday life, for instance show shopping facilities and public transport, help with internet access, mobile phone contract, bank account, health insurance, etc.
  • Trip around the University
  • Enrollment at the International Office
  • Trip around the City
  • Registration Office
  • Support with University life (Library, BOSS System, Canteen, Student Card, E-Mail Account, etc.)
  • Mention University activities
  • Show helpful links to University websites and Chairs etc.
Who can participate? What do I gain from being a Buddy? How time-consuming will my work as a Buddy be?

MMT students who are at least in their 2nd semester as well as students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor and Master) who are at least in their 5th Bachelor's semester and have a good command of the English language.

Receipt of a certificate stating the participation in the program (this can be e.g. recognized for the certificate "Studium International" at TU Dortmund or greatly be integrated into the CV as proof for voluntary work). You will gain an iInternational experience on the home campus.

Rules on how much time has to be spend with the international students do not exist - this depends on how much every mentor is willing to invest. Between May and September the support will mostly take place via e-mail. Participation in an introductory event for Student Advisors (May) as well as attendance of the Orientation-Week and the Welcome Event are mendatory.


How are the Buddy-teams composed?
Together with one other TU Dortmund student you will supervise a small group of international students.
How can I register for the Buddy program?
If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Frigga Göckede or send an E-mail to: mmt.mb@tu-dortmund.de 

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Kerstin Barton
Management of International Affairs / Study Advisor MMT / ERASMUS+
Tel.: 0231 755-6462