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What are the responsibilities of a buddy?

Before the arrival:

  • Contact: exchange contact information, arrange a meeting point and time for the arrival of the student, answer first questions
  • Pick up the keys for the dormitory and check if the room is alright

After arrival:

  • Pick him/her up from the meeting point and bring him/her to the dormitory
  • Tour around the dormitory
  • Shopping facilities
  • Bus station
  • Set up Internet access
  • Tour around the University
  • Open a bank account
  • Sign a health insurance
  • Enrollment at the International Office
  • Sign a rental contract with the Studierendenwerk
  • Tour around the city
  • Registration Office
  • Main station
  • Other importanten places
  • Sights and attractions
  • Purchase ticket for Public transport at the station Reinoldikirche/Kampstraße (monthly ticket – Form can be found at International Office)
  • Sim card for mobile phone if neccessary
  • Mention activities of the University - Show helpful links to websites of chairs and University in general
  • Compile time table (in doubt consult the International Coordination)
  • Visit the ERASMUS coordinator of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and let him/her approve the time table

Who can participate? What do I gain from being a Buddy? How time-consuming will my work as a Buddy be?
Generally everyone. No special knowledge or prerequisites are required. Motivaton to support international students during their start and the interest in foreign cultures are sufficient.

Being a contact person, a source of information and an intermediary helps getting to know interesting people from all over the world and gaining insights in their cultures. Parties, national evenings and excursions provide a lot of fun.

 No rule is given on how much time should be spend with the international students - it depends on how much you are willing to invest. After completing the program we are looking forward to your feedback in order to continually improve the program.

How are the Buddy-teams composed?
Quests regarding home country, language and study program of the international students will be taken into account as far as possible. Of course, no promises can be made due to the fact that every semester students from different countries arrive in Dortmund. Partnerships can nevertheless easily be made with each of them if mentors approach them with openness and sociability.
How can I register for the Buddy program?
Around the end of every semester (January/July) e-mails informing about the program will be send with the help of the mailing list of the Faculty. If you have further questions or suggestions throughout the whole year send them to: int.mb@tu-dortmund.de.

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Kerstin Barton
Management of International Affairs / Study Advisor MMT / ERASMUS+
Tel.: 0231 755-6462