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Become a Buddy for International Students

Every semester students from all over the world come to TU Dortmund University. You may know this situation from your own experiences, or this experience may lie ahead of you.


Especially right before arrival and during the first days of an exchange semester, students have to gather as much information as possible on the city, the university, enrollments, tests, necessary paperwork, accommodation, complex forms, etc..

To faciliate the beginning of studies and everyday life in Germany, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering organizes a mentoring program every semester. In the framework of this program, students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering support international students especially during their first weeks in Dortmund. The faculty for instance offers a program especially addressing ERASMUS+ students. On the other hand a mentoring program for international students of the English speaking degree program in Manufacturing Technology is offered. Further information on the individual programs can be found here:

ERASMUS+ Mentoren Programm

Manufacturing Technology Mentoren Programm

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Kerstin Barton
Management of International Affairs / Study Advisor MMT / ERASMUS+
Tel.: 0231 755-6462