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A semester abroad during studies is generally reccommendable. In the framework of your stay abroad you can take exams or produce scientific or academic papers and works.

Requirements for an Erasmus application

Student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Stay of at least 3 months abroad
Possible from the 3rd semester onwards
Recommended: TOEFL-Test for countries with lectures taught in English

Application Deadlines and Documents

There is a general application deadline for a semester/year abroad

The 1st of February is the application deadline for the upcoming winter term and the following summer term (e.g. apply until the 1st of February 2019 for the winter term of 2019/2020 and/or the summer term of 2020).

Please bring your application addressed to Mrs. Frigga Göckede during the official office hours or throw it into the mailbox (Room E05) in building I of Mechanical Engineering.

Your application should contain the following documents: 

  • Application Form (Website)
  • Letter of Interest in English
  • Tabular resume in English
  • Relevant certificates (Graduation Diploma, Internship Certificates, Current overview of your grades (e.g. print from BOSS)  etc.)
  • Overview of the courses you would like to attend at the partner university (respectively possible topics for a thesis)
  • Photograph 

In order to write a good Letter of Interest, please be creative! We are looking forward to your ideas on promoting TU Dortmund University in the countries of your exchanges. 

Selection Process and response from the faculty  

There are some countries favored by many students, therefore we often receive more applications than spots are available. In these cases the spots will be awarded on the basis of the following criteria: 

  • Major field of Study
  • Language Skills
  • Extramural Commitment 
  • Study Progress and Number of Semesters
  • Academic Achievements

All applicants will get a response until the 31st of March via E-Mail. 

To Do After you receive a Commitment 

After the commitment for a spot at the partner university, your engagement will be needed. 

The following points have to be examined independently:  

  • Beginning and end of the semester at the host university
  • Languages of the lectures
  • Appropriate courses which resemble the major field of studies in Germany and may be acknowleged at TU Dortmund University
  • Request for Recognition of Academic Achievments in the framework of an ERASMUS semester 
  • Contact the respective coordinator of your host university for exact information (addresses may be provided upon request by the International Coordination of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Search for a flight as well as accommodation (possible accommodation may be provided by the International Office of the partner university)


Before you leave for your semester abroad it is neccessary to issue and submit a Learning Agreement

According to the guidlines of the ERASMUS Program, all ERASMUS students have to hand in a Learning Agreement (Plan of Studies) before they begin their exchange and also submit a signed Transcript of Records (Overview of Achievements) from the host university at their return. 

The Learning Agreement is an arrangement between the student, TU Dortmund University and the host university on the academic achievements which should be made durning the semester abroad. Before beginning the exchange, your Learning Agreement will be proven by your host university and you will get a response on whether your study plan is feasible. 

ATTENTION: Since the summer term of 2015 students have to provide a Recognition of Academic Achievements for every course they want to get acknowleged at TU Dortmund University. These recognitions have to be signed by the head of the respective chair and the dean of studies. Please take care of your choice of courses as soon as possible in order to fill in the Learning Agreement properly and organize the approval of the respective recognition documents before you leave. These Recognitions of Academic Achievements will guarantee that the courses done abroad will be acknowleged at TU Dortmund University. At least two courses in your Learning Agreement will have to be relevant for you studies in Dortmund. All further courses will serve the achievement of the 30 Creditpoints which are neccessary to receive the Erasmus-grant. Therefore, you can also choose language courses, interdisciplinary courses or other courses related to your field of studies.  

Acknowlegments can also be made during or after the mobility. Nevertheless, the International Coordination strongly recommends to request the recognition before the mobility. 

Please fill in courses that you want to take at the host university into the section "Details of the Proposed Study Programme Abroad". If the host university established the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) as their system for Creditpoints, you have to indicate the number of ECTS of each course. 

Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records is an overview of academic achievements which is issued by the host university at the end of your semester abroad, respectively at the end of an exam period. If your host university uses ECTS, these ECTS should also be indicated on the document. A copy of your Transcript should be submitted to the International Coordination in a timely manner. 


We are looking forward to you application!

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Kerstin Barton
Management of International Affairs / Study Advisor MMT / ERASMUS+
Tel.: 0231 755-6462