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Questions Concerning Your ERASMUS Application

Do I have to hand in a Letter of Interest and a List of Courses for every priority I chose?

A Letter of Interest as well as a list of possible courses has to be handed in only for your first priority. Nevertheless, we strongly reccommend that applicants conduct research on every course catalogue of his/her three chosen universities. Always keep in mind that all three priorities could become the final destination of your exchange semester.

Do I have to have a language certificate to apply?

A language certificate is not essential for the application. If you have one, hand it in with your application. Whether a language certificate is required by the receiving institution or not must be found out by the applicant. If they require one, students normally have enough time to achieve it between the confirmation of the International Coordination and the beginning of the exchange semester.

Can I change my period of stay?

The period of stay needs to be certain before the submission of the online decleration of acceptance, mostly already before the nomination at the receiving institution by the International Coordination (Beginning of April / Beginning of September). Afterwards, the chosen period of stay can only be changed in hardship cases. If you got a confirmation for the winter term, an extension by one semester (summer term) is possible. Please note, that this has to be discussed with the receiving institution individually and also depends on the number of permitted students per year as well as the current status of the awarding of places. Furthermore, you may possibly get no mobility grant for a spontaneous second semester. This also has to be evaluated individually. In any case, tution fees at the receiving institution lapse.

I'm still in my Bachelor's but will be a Master's student by the time of the exchange semester - what do I state in the application?

If possible, please, always state the semester you will be in during your exchange. Particularly, if you intent to go abroad during your Master's studies as Master's students will be privileged in the selection process, due to the short amount of remaining semesters. Please also note, that there are cooperations only available for either Bachelor's or Master's students. Should you not be certain of whether you will achieve the Bachelor's degree in time, don't take unneccessary risks and choose an university which offers courses for both levels. Generally, always give a realistic assesment regarding the semester; don't state Master's if this is not realistic.

What does "Content of Stay" mean?

The content of a stay abroad normally means a deepening of studies, an extension of skills or an intercultural experience, depending on what you mostly expect to gain from your exchange semester.

questions regarding the preperations of your erasmus+ stay

What is the Learning Agreement and how does it work?

The Learning Agreement is an agreement on the courses a student will be attending at the receiving instution during the exchange semester. All courses which are supposed to be taken at the receiving institution should be included in the Learning Agreement. In order to fill in Table A correctly the student has to search the course catalogue of the receiving institution for suitable courses and afterwards enter them in the Learning Agreement with the corresponding ECTS. All ECTS summed have to give 30 ECTS. As soon as the Learning Agreement is completed by the student, he/she has to hand it in at the International Coordination of the home university where it will be examined and signed. Afterwards the Learning Agreement has to be send to the receiving university where it will be checked and signed as well. Finally, the student has to submit the Learning Agreement to the International Office.

Are changes to the Learning Agreement possible?

This happens quiet often, due to changes in course catalogues, time tables and personal preferences. The second page of the Learning Agreement provides students with all necessary sections. The table headlined "During the Mobility" should be filled with all courses which have to be changed in any way. Students have to mark whether they want to delete or to add a course and also have to give reasons. ECTS have to be entered here as well.

What is the use of "Table B"?

Table B gives students the opportunity to enter TU Dortmund courses which they want to have recognized at the home university. Therefore, in Table B students have to fill in the name of a course from the TU Dortmund which should be covered by a course at the receiving institution entered in Table A. In order to get a signature, for courses in Table B a recognition agreement must exist and be handed in.

Which deadlines have to be considered?

Apart from the application deadline of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (01.02. for first round: all spaces available & 31.03. for second round: remaining spaces) there is another important deadline at the International Office: Until the 31.05. all online acceptance declarations have to be filled in, printed out and send back signed to the International Office. Further information can be found here: http://www.aaa.tu-dortmund.de/cms/de/Dortmunder_Studierende/Studium_im_Ausland/Austauschprogramme_der_TU/Europa/ERASMUS/index.html#Bewerbungsformal

If a student does not fill out and submit this acceptance declaration, no mobility grant will be paid.

Furthermore, deadlines at the receiving institution have to be considered. As these deadlines differ depending on which university a student chose, students have to keep being informed by themselves about regulations. Please, especially pay attention to application deadlines.

What are the consequences if I submit documents late?

If documents are not handed in timely, it can't be guaranteed that the space for an ERASMUS exchange semester can be kept. Furthermore, mobility grant will possibly not be paid. If sudents miss submitting documents during or after the mobility, they have to pay back the mobility grant in full.

What to do after an acceptance?

After receiving a confirmation and accepting the space via e-mail, students have to fullfil several requirements. Autonomously, information has to be gathered on beginning and end of the semester as well as the language of instruction on the externally university. Students also have to search for appropriate courses, complying with their major field of study at TU Dortmund University. The request for recognition in the framework of an ERASMUS+ semester can be found here.

Afterwards, students have to get in contact with the coordination of the receiving institution. Neccessary addresses will be provided by the International Coordination upon request. Searching for a flight and for an accommodation also is part of the student's tasks. Information on accommodation can always be gathered at the International Office of the receiving institution

Furthermore, the preperation of the Learning Agreement has to be done by the student. The Learning Agreement has to be signed by the student and then be handed to the International Coordination of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. After checking the document the ERASMUS Coordinator will sign it so the student is able to submit it to the receiving institution.

The online declaration of acceptance has to be filled in and submitted as well. Please contact the International Office for futher information. Also available for download, students can work with the International Office's Checklist in order to keep track of the organization.

How do I get the monthly mobility grant?

The monthly mobility grant will be transferred to your bank account by the Erasmus Commission directly. In the online acceptance declaration you will state a bank account includin IBAN and BIC of your choice.

Is there a minimum number of ECTS that have to be achieved?

An ERASMUS exchange semester should always be planned with at least 30 ECTS. In case of problems regarding exams, courses or language 15 ECTS or more are also acceptable. If a students achieves less than 15 ECTS, the mobility grant has to be paid back in full. In case of doubt a request on hardship case can be proposed.

Can a language course be considered in order to achieve the 15 ECTS required?

Yes, language courses as well as all other courses a student completes during his/her stay will be taken into account.

Can I file a semester of leave during my stay abroad?

This depends on your expectations for the semester. Generally, it is possible to file a semester of leave during the exchange what also means that the students does not have to pay any fees. Pleas always note, that during a semester of leave BAföG normally is not paid. Furthermore, students on a semester on leave are not allowed to take any exams durnig that particular semester, this applies to the whole 6 months and not only the lecture period. Additionally, students won't have a semester ticket for these 6 months.

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