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Reasons Why You Should Not Miss a Stay Abroad

Why should you go abroad in general?

What are the advantages?

What do I gain from going abroad regarding my future?

In the following we summarized several good reasons to go abroad.

1. Where can you learn a language better than in the country of origin?

A stay abroad is perfectly suitable to deepen your own language skills. A language can of course be learned without a visit of the respective country. But: The use in daily life will be helping to get proficient faster.

2. Global Networking - use your stay abroad to expand your international network - on a professional and personal level.

During your stay abroad you will also make contacts all over the worl, which can be helpful in personal and professional matters.

3. If not during your studies then when?

A really important point: It won't ever be so easy again to go abroad - on an organizational and a financial level. Also regarding the time frame. Many funding opportunities and cooperations will give you an easy access to a foreign mobility.

4. Deepen your expertise through a change of perspective!

A stay abroad always means thinking outside the box. In detail this means that you learn about new approaches which will widen your perspective on problems and will also demonstrate new possibilities.

5. Individualize your CV!

Future employers favor a stay abroad  when looking for new employees. A stay abroad can attest you independence and personal initiative. Especially, if you want to actively work in an international business environment, a completeted stay abroad can be a decisive advantage. So take the opportunity and  individualize your CV!

6. Develop on a personal level - Train tolerance and adaptability towards different cultures. 

A stay abroad always means a challenge and requires a certain amount of adaptability and autonomy. Therefore, the exchange is a perfect opportunity to push yourself and to develop - linguistically, personally as well as professionally. 

7. Get to know yourself as well as your limits and gain confidence!

With challenges also limits come along. Get to know yourself and your personal limits in order to handle them. A stay abroad will challange you professionally as well as personally - create your very own story of success and gain confidence for future projects. 


In case of questions the team of the International Coordination as well as the International Office will always be at your disposal.

Information on the different countries you could visit can be found on the websites of the DAAD.

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Management of International Affairs / Study Advisor MMT / ERASMUS+
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