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Industrial Engineering


Those who are enthusiastic about technology, who want to take up the challenges of a competitive economy, who enjoy working self-directedly and who are fascinated by the constructive teamwork in a creative atmosphere are right for our B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering. The curriculum at TU Dortmund provides a solid basis that enables you to develop your potential. Right from the beginning you will work in interdisciplinary teams as you are instructed simultaneously in engineering, business and methodology. During the first semesters students are taught business, economic, natural science and engineering fundamentals essential for developing interdisciplinary competence. In doing so, we offer you the opportunity to discover and extend your talents and interests to be optimally prepared for selecting your profile before entering the fifth semester.

Currently you can select one of the following three profiles:

  • Production Management
  • Management of Electrical Networks
  • Industrial Management

Production Management prepares students for a job in general or production management. The specific lectures and seminars focus on mechanical engineering but are systematically enhanced with economic contents. In this profile the realization of  technical-organizational aspects of production is focused.

Management of Electrical Networks is oriented towards the liberalized and restructured energy markets. It emphasizes electrical engineering and combines energy-technological and energyeconomical aspects with information-technological possibilities.

Industrial Management stands for the acquisition of encompassing business methodology and instruments. At the same time, it imparts the required knowledge about many industrial sub-processes. Comprehensive economic understanding for managing technical processes is most important for this profile module.

 You can start working on your bachelor’s thesis when you have accumulated the required amount of credits. Having finished, you will give a presentation on your work and findings. During their studies students complete their mandatory 20-week internship. We strongly advise you to do parts of your internship before taking up your studies. Both the basic internship and the technical internship span ten weeks each; the first being divided into a manufacturing and an electrical engineering part, the second into a technology-oriented and a business- oriented part. Along with your bachelor’s thesis the technical internship takes place in the seventh semester.


Job Profile

Industrial Engineering at TU Dortmund qualifies its graduates for the vocational fields of production logistics, materials management and purchase, but also for positions in marketing and sales, accountancy and controlling as well as organization, manufacturing and production. In the industry - mainly network industries of conduction-bound power industry and  telecommunications - industrial engineers often work in so-called intersecting fields such as planning, project management or production-related services as this is what their double qualification trains them for.

These spheres are of major economic importance in industrialized societies and demand, more than most other spheres in the field of management, a vocational qualification covering versatile knowledge not only in engineering but also in business, economics and social sciences.

Due to their interdisciplinary education industrial engineers have gained a unique combination of expertise and skills. Problem analysis from different perspectives and development of economically and technically outstanding solutions are acquired competences that distinguish them both on the national and international job market.


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Dipl.-Ing. Dieter König
Study Advisor for Management of Electrical Networks Profile
Tel.: 0231 755-2580
Dr. Jessica Donato
Study Advisor for Industrial Management Profile
Tel.: 0231 755-4617
Dipl.-Ing. Timo Bathe
Study Advisor Industrial Engineering
Tel.: 0231 755-5272