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The Bachelor of Science in Logistics is a first vocational degree that simultaneously prepares you for a master program in logistics.

During the first semesters you are instructed in natural sciences and engineering, which provides with an extensive technical education. TU Dortmund offers various elective modules within the fields of logistics, business administration and social skills so that you can already start selecting your individual specialization during the second semester.

Towards the end of your studies, lectures are reduced in favor of practice-oriented project work and team work in case studies to prepare you optimally for entering the business world. By means of computer-based business games you can test your know-how and see whether your decisions turn out to be successful or not.

The seventh and last semester encompasses the ten-week technical internship and your bachelor’s thesis which completes your academic education. You can start working on your bachelor’s thesis when you have accumulated the required amount of credits. Having finished, you will give a presentation on your work and findings.


Job Profile

Logisticians often hold executive positions in the industry as their interdisciplinary education has provided them with broad expertise necessary for both managers and specialists. For the years to come, their job prospects are excellent.

As executives, logisticians deal with planning, governing and controlling the material, information and value flow at all company levels.

Holistic thinking is a major requirement and personal characteristics such as a quick wit, commitment, an eye for the essential as well as leadership skills.

 Moreover, multilingualism, flexibility, the ability to work in a team, being interested in business and technical coherences as well as the willingness to extend your own expertise continually are beneficial.

Logisticians are furthermore required to use modern information systems and information and communication networks optimally.

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Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Olszak
Study Advisor Logistics
Tel.: 0231 755-5490